Shoring foundations and structural raisings are a fundamental change to bring about a structure’s successful continuance. Brownie Moving & Heavy Hauling has the equipment and recognized technique to make even the most difficult job site raising, a seemingly impossible task, safe, practical, and affordable.

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Clarendon House

Weight: 575 TON

Dimensions: 40' x 120'

Construction: Clay Tile

This clay-tile structure was raised 13' feet for the addition of 20’ foot ground pilings and a stem wall to secure the foundation of the structure.

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Gables By the Sea

Weight: 360 TON

Dimensions: 60' x 75'

Construction: Concrete

This concrete commercial structure was lifted 10' feet, for the benefit of a safe flood elevation.

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Las Olas Company

Weight: 635 TON

Dimensions: 50' x 75'

Construction: Concrete

This concrete commercial structure was moved 150' feet, then raised 22' feet for the addition of a brand-new 2nd story and the addition of a parking garage.

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River One Office Plaza

Weight: 2,650 TON

Dimensions: 28,000 sq.ft.

Construction: Concrete

This two-story office building located in Stuart, Florida was supported, replacing 36 parking garage support columns, shoring the structure for an expansion.

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Tangier Island School

Weight: 705 TON

Dimensions: 160' x 290' (T-Shape)

Construction: Wood Frame

This 22,000 sq.ft. sprawling "T" shaped school building on Tangier Island, Virginia was elevated 4 feet, eliminating its potential for flooding from coastal stormwaters.